Origins of Disharmony – Seven Emotions

The origins of disharmony in Chinese Medicine – continued

3 main factors can impact on the body:

1. The Six Climatic factors

2. The Seven Emotions

3. Way of life

Last time I introduced the six climatic factors: – Wind, Cold, Damp, Dryness, Fire or Heat and Summer-Heat. This week I will introduce the seven emotions: – Anger, joy, worry, anxiety, grief, fear and fright.

“Rage causes the qi to flow upward; joy allows the qi to be relaxed; grief produces dejected qi; terror causes qi to descend; fright drives qi to disorder; and pensiveness makes qi stagnate.”

(‘Treatise on Abrupt Pains’ in Plain Questions)

In Chinese medicine emotions are the primary internal source of disease. Emotions have a material basis in the essential Qi of each of the five organ systems. Each emotion is associated with an organ system:-

Anger/rage is linked to the Liver organ system.

Joy is linked to the Heart organ system.

Anxiety and worry are linked to the Spleen organ system.

Grief is linked to the Lung organ system.

Fear and fright are linked to the Kidney organ system.

Thus, emotions are closely related to the internal organ systems. Ordinarily, emotions are normal reactions to external stimuli. However, if each emotion is extremely abrupt, intense, or is persistent and exceeds the normal endurance of the individual it can produce
functional disorder in the organ system impeding the balance of Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood.  The emotions then become internal (endogenous) pathogenic factors producing disease and illness.

The seven emotions cause disease by disrupting the normal ascending and descending flow of Qi, producing dysfunctions in the flow of Blood and ultimately, affecting the organ systems directly. The reverse is also true. A functional disorder of the internal organ
system may lead to an excess, deficiency or stagnation of qi. This disruption in the normal flow of qi may result in abnormal emotions.

Chinese medicine has always recognised the mind-body connection!

In my next blog I will expand on each of the 7 emotions.

Speak to you soon.

Lorraine x

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