Spring 2013

Even with the snow Spring has arrived! This is the time of year when the earth bursts alive with energy and new growth. A time when the body’s energy rises and moves.

The Wood Element is linked to Spring. The Liver is the key organ associated with this element. In Chinese Medicine the Liver’s key functions are to store Blood and ensure the smooth flow of Qi around the mind and body.

How can you help to nourish your Liver?

* Add more green vegetables to your diet.

* Drink chamomile or peppermint teas to help to soothe your Liver and ease digestion.

* Start to incorporate gentle exercise into your daily routine, building up your programme of exercise over Spring. Your body needs time to adapt to the new season so allow the energy to rise up gradually.

* Massage the star point – Liver 3 – this point is located in the hollow area at the top of your feet between the first and second toes. About 2.5 cm away from the webbed part. Using your thumb gently rub this point backwards and forwards for 1 -2 minutes on each foot.

Liver 3 calms the nervous system, reduces irritability, helps alleviate depression, strengthens your immune system, relieves and prevents headaches and increases circulation in your legs. A true star point!

* Repeat this affirmation to yourself – “I feel calm, confident and able to organise and plan my life.”

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